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 What is the powder in medical gloves? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is the powder in medical gloves? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Medical gloves have many types, but powdered gloves are used more because it brings many advantages to the user. However, many people are curious to know what is the powder in medical gloves? Is it harmful to the skin of the hands? To know all the information about powder medical gloves, let's explore right here in the article: What is the powder in medical gloves? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What type of medical gloves are best?

In the face of the complicated corona virus situation, medical supplies such as hand sanitizer, medical masks, protective gear, medical gloves become necessary. In particular, as medical gloves, this is definitely an indispensable item in the pandemic prevention work of nurses and doctors.

These gloves not only help protect the hands of medical staff and doctors, but also avoid bacterial and viral infections from the patient's body. Therefore, medical gloves are very necessary in the current corona pandemic. But medical gloves have many types with different advantages and disadvantages, so many people do not know which type is best to prevent corona.

Currently, the most popular medical gloves used by many people are latex medical gloves, Malaysian medical gloves, nitrile medical gloves, Vglove medical gloves, powder-free medical gloves and special powdered medical gloves. However, each type of glove has its own pros and cons, so it is difficult to choose. But to ensure quality and safety, you should choose to buy gloves from reputable brands, ensuring quality, especially safe for the skin.

Pros and cons of powdered medical gloves?

In the past, medical staff and doctors mainly used powder-free medical gloves, but later, medical gloves were added with powder in the gloves, to help improve the previous disadvantages. In the process of working, hands often sweat a lot, medical gloves with a set will help absorb sweat well, not causing hot, uncomfortable hissing in the palm.

In particular, medical gloves with powder also support easier, more convenient and faster disassembly. Soft gloves bring comfort and fit to the user, the wrist is closed, so it is easy to wear and difficult to roll when worn or torn.

However, this type of glove also has a major drawback that it can cause dry hands if working in a dry environment. And if not stored in the right environment, the powder in the gloves is easy to clump.

What is the powder in medical gloves?

Perhaps quite a few people are interested in what is the powder in medical gloves, is it really safe for the skin of the hands? But perhaps few people suspect that the powder used in medical gloves is usually cornstarch, cornstarch is used because the ingredients of the powder do not cause irritation.

However, studies show that cornstarch keeps the protein in rubber longer than on the surface, so it can cause allergies to the skin. Even if used for a long time, it makes the skin of the hands dry, leading to skin inflammation. Cornstarch does not contain harmful substances, but many people with allergies can cause skin irritation.

Although it is easier to use powdered medical gloves, more agile to remove, but because it can easily cause irritation with the powder in the gloves, doctors recommend using powder-free gloves. However, powder-free gloves have a too short shelf life, easily discolor and smell of chlorine, especially they cost more than powdered gloves.