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 How to classify tents in the prevention of COVID-19

How to classify tents in the prevention of COVID-19

1. How to distinguish different types of tents?

a. Tent 3 seasons:

This is a tourist camping tent designed with outstanding features for use in 3 seasons: spring, summer and autumn. The characteristics of this type of tent are compact design, easy to carry, light material, good wind absorption and breathable design. Suitable for camping, fishing or trekking needs to prioritize compactness. The doors or tent walls are equipped with spacious mesh panels to increase air flow and keep cool even when you use it in the summer. The frame is made of aluminum materials that are super light in weight but can still withstand strong winds. The outer layer of the camping tent when erected is often separated from the ground for ventilation but still ensures good resistance to rain and moisture.

b, 4-season tent:

Although it is called a 4-season tent, in fact this type of tent is suitable for use in winter or in places with harsh conditions such as snow, strong wind, humidity, etc.

Unlike 3-season tents, this camping tent usually has a closed design (small mesh surface) to help limit the wind inside but still ensure ventilation. The frame part prioritizes solid materials, capable of withstanding great forces such as aluminum, alloy... The outer surface material is thick, usually composed of 2-3 solid layers.

2 Sorting by tent features

a, Self-extracting tent: This is a smart design tent, so you won't spend too much time setting up the tent, when you need to use it, you just need to remove the tent from the bag and they will automatically unfold into a camping tent or just It takes a few simple steps to have a cozy place to sleep and rest. Besides the above advantages, these self-expanding tents will also have some disadvantages:

  • The size of the tent when folded is usually larger than the usual self-standing tent models
  • The weight of the self-expanding tent is often many times larger
  • Difficult to clean after use due to the large size, the parts are often assembled
  • The price is higher than normal tent models

b, Self-build tent: Unlike self-expanding tents, when using self-elevating tents, you will take time to assemble the fixed frames. As well as inserting them into the fabric and securing the tent with pins. The price of self-build camping tents is therefore also much cheaper than self-expanding tents.

3. Sort by tent shape

a, A-shaped tent

  • Fewer parts for easy installation
  • The ability to keep warm is quite good, suitable for both winter and summer use.

b, Curved roof tent

  • Save build time.
  • Good ability to keep warm.
  • The space is not too large, can make a camping tent for 2 people.
4. Material of dose

Material is also an important factor when choosing a tent. With the outer fabric surface, you should consider thick fabrics, coated with a layer of PU to have good water resistance to be suitable for use with many different weather conditions. In addition, a few other materials such as Nylon or Polyester fabric will help bring breathability and comfort when lying inside. Besides, the material of the tent frame is also very important. A good tent frame will work to help the tent be firm, withstand all the effects of external forces. First of all, a good frame needs to meet the criteria of durability for long-term use, then toughness and certainty. Even with self-expanding tourist tents, you should also pay attention to the frame. Choose materials such as aluminum and alloy to prolong use as well as provide rigidity and stability for the tent.

5. Features of the dose

Ventilation factor: choose tents with built-in ventilation or well-placed vents to minimize the problem of water or moisture condensation. Doors / windows: to make it more convenient for you to travel as well as create comfort and ventilation when using, the camping tent should have 1-2 doors and 2 windows around. The floor of the tent: the part of the floor that helps you and your furniture to avoid mud or water seeping inside. That's why a tent with a floor plate will help the tent last longer, moreover when you use it, you will also feel more comfortable. Zipper: the zipper of the tent needs to be really smooth, not entangled in the fabric – this is the drawback of cheap camping tents that are often encountered.