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VietTakara is a manufacturer of masks and equipment to produce masks with the best price and quality in Vietnam.


 Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Website User Guide
When accessing VietTakara website, customers must be at least 18 years old. Or access under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

VietTakara grants access and use rights for you to purchase and place on VietTakara subject to the specified terms and conditions.

VietTakara prohibits you from using any part of the Website for commercial purposes. Or on behalf of any third party without the written permission of VietTakara. If there is any violation, VietTakara reserves the right to immediately revoke the right to use.

You can refer to the product information posted on VietTakara website.

2. Customer opinion
All content displayed and posted on the Website is the property of VietTakara. Including but not limited to comments, comments and contributions of customers.

If VietTakara detects any fake or slanderous information. VietTakara reserves the right to immediately lock the customer's account. And or apply other measures as prescribed by Vietnamese law.

3. Order and confirm order
To protect your interests and ensure fairness for you. VietTakara reserves the right to refuse orders in the following cases:

a. Orders placed are not intended for personal use. That is, orders for the purpose of buying and selling or buying in bulk.
b. You have signs of abuse, scam promotions
In case the customer does not comply with regulations and regulations. VietTakara reserves the right to refuse an order as well as to suspend or lock the account permanently without any obligation to notify the customer.

The shipping address on the order cannot be changed after the order is successfully placed. If you want to change this information, you need to cancel the order and place a new one.

4. Payment method
You have 3 options to pay for your order. It is payment on receipt, payment by credit/debit card, or payment by domestic ATM card.

5. Receive goods and check
You are only allowed to check some of the external information of the package.

However, after paying in full to the delivery staff. You have the right to open the package for inspection in the presence of the shipper.

If the package is found to be damaged, has signs of distortion or has wrong recipient information. You have the right to refuse to receive the parcel. For prepaid orders, when you refuse to receive the goods, VietTakara will carry out the refund procedure within 10 working days.

If you are not satisfied with the product or the product is defective after you receive it. You can complain to VietTakara within 24 hours of receiving the goods. VietTakara will guide you through the refund procedure. VietTakara will refund 100% the amount you paid for that order.

6. Delivery area
For products directly distributed by VietTakara, they will be delivered nationwide. Except where some limited delivery ranges are indicated on the product details.

VietTakara will always try to deliver products to customers' homes whenever possible. However, depending on the delivery location, VietTakara may or may not deliver the product to your door. This is due to the difference in the management policy of each location. (e.g. apartment/condo or office building). In these cases, please support VietTakara by receiving the goods at the ground floor/lobby.

7. Product Information
In case the product received by the customer is not as described in the product information section on the Website. Customers can inform the seller or Customer Support Department as soon as possible after receiving the goods and at the same time ensure the product is in unused condition for support for exchange. For more information about the return policy, please refer to.

8. Privacy Policy
All transaction information will be kept confidential. But in case the law agency requests in writing, VietTakara will have to provide this information to the legal authorities in accordance with regulations.

You may not use any program, tool or other means to interfere with the system or change the data structure. VietTakara strictly prohibits the transmission, distribution or promotion of any activities aimed at sabotaging, interfering or infiltrating the system's data. Violating individuals or organizations will be deprived of all rights and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary.

9. Make transactions at Website
Customers' online shopping process on VietTakara will be done in the following order:

Option 1: Online payment

Step 1: Customers place an order, provide complete and authentic information.

Step 2: Customers pay in advance by bank card.

Step 3: VietTakara or the seller receive, check - confirm the order and ship the goods.

Step 4: The customer receives the goods.

Option 2: Pay later

Step 1: Customers place an order, provide complete and authentic information.

Step 2: VietTakara receives the order.

Step 3: VietTakara confirms customer information (phone or text or email).

Step 4: VietTakara or the seller delivers the goods.

Step 5: The customer receives the goods and pays the delivery staff.

10. Other regulations
In case there is any damage arising from the violation of the terms of use at VietTakara. VietTakara reserves the right to suspend or block a customer's account permanently.

All Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. VietTakara reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting.