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 What You Need to Know About Medical Gloves

What You Need to Know About Medical Gloves

What Are Medical Gloves?

Medical gloves, also known as medical gloves, are a type of disposable protective gloves used in medical examination and procedures to help prevent infection between caregivers and patients, protect Users avoid infection from work tools and vice versa protect their hands from chemicals or disease-causing fluids.

Medical gloves are made from natural rubber materials but are compact, lightweight, waterproof. With a compact, flexible design but very thin, wearing medical gloves will not lose the feeling of the skin of your hands when touching or touching, touching that object.

Applications Of Medical Gloves

Nowadays, industrial rubber gloves, household rubber gloves have become popular in applications such as automotive, manufacturing, food processing services, kitchen cleaning... Rubber is an ideal and popular material in glove-making applications.

- Medical gloves are used in the medical industry, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, beauty care centers, veterinary care, animal and plant quarantine stations
– Use medical gloves when slaughtering livestock, poultry… avoid contact with fluids from animals
– Used a lot at meat and fish stalls…helps to keep hands hygienic
– Use medical gloves when periodically cleaning electronic devices, computers, phones, speakers, radios, etc. to avoid electrification, causing scratches to items.
– Used to ensure hygiene for workers and customers when doing nails, tattooing… to help prevent infection from customers to employees.
– Use gloves when processing food, processing Agroforestry, seafood, processing consumer goods…

Types of Medical Gloves

There are many criteria to classify medical gloves: function of use, construction material, length, weight (thickness) ...

- Classification according to the function of use, there are two types: examination gloves and surgical gloves.
– Classified by usage, there are Powder-free Gloves and Powdered Gloves.
– And the most basic is the classification by material, there are latex gloves (natural rubber) and nitrile gloves (synthetic rubber).

Distinguishing features of powdered and non-powdered medical gloves

Powdered Latex Gloves: In order to facilitate easier, more convenient and faster disassembly, powdered medical rubber gloves were born. The flour used is cornstarch. One of the biggest advantages of powdered medical gloves is that they are easier to put on and take off. Imagine you work in a hot and humid environment, your hands sweat a lot, the powder in the gloves will absorb sweat from your hands and make putting on and taking off gloves much less strenuous.

However, studies show that cornstarch helps keep the protein in rubber longer on the surface, increasing the level of skin allergies when used, even dermatitis when the skin is wet or injured. Therefore, the use of medical rubber gloves with powder is not recommended in surgery or in the food processing and cooking industry because the powder is easily scattered, leading to poisoning and affecting health.

If you do not have a protein powder allergy or work with the food industry, you can still use powdered medical gloves normally from the advantages it brings.

Powder-Free Latex Gloves: Powder-free natural latex gloves are quality cleanroom medical gloves, widely used in environments that require high safety and hygiene requirements. Powder-free latex gloves are made from centrifugal rubber latex material, which is the most advanced technology line today. This is a material that has the same properties as pure rubber, which is high elasticity, toughness, and does not cause skin irritation like powdered gloves.

Nitrile Gloves – Nitrile (Latex Free): is a synthetic rubber, formed exactly like Latex but does not contain Latex, so it does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, has good water resistance and oil resistance, so nitrile gloves are widely used. in all professions requiring high hygiene such as testing, dentistry and health care as well as non-medical professions such as industry and food processing. . .

5 great advantages of using medical gloves

#1 FDA approved medical latex gloves.

Most medical gloves are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ensuring high safety for consumers.

#2 Models suitable for each job

Currently, medical gloves are divided into 3 types: medical examination gloves and sterile surgical gloves, and civil medical gloves.

For medical gloves for examination: medical staff used during testing and non-surgical work but in direct contact with patients or caregivers should also wear gloves. This hand is to protect yourself against bad situations.

Surgical medical gloves: will be more advanced design to ensure more sensitive and accurate surgery, they are made of materials from natural latex, nitrile, a combination of latex and substances synthetic.

Civil medical gloves: used in cleaning processes, handling detergents or contaminated chemicals, not during patient care.

The latest medical gloves meet medical standards

#3 Medical gloves are resistant to toxic chemicals

Thanks to the latex material when manufactured, medical gloves are resistant to harmful chemicals. Because natural rubber latex is derived from the sap of the rubber tree, it is chemically resistant, resistant to most acids, bases, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. When using natural rubber to make gloves, it will become a comprehensive protective barrier, providing absolute safety, glove manufacturers have applied anti-bacterial technology, using natural non-toxic materials and chemicals.

#4 Medical gloves with high puncture resistance, fit to bring dexterity to the user.

Medical gloves are made of rubber material, with strong elasticity, anti-puncture quite effectively, ensuring no impact on user's health. Medical gloves fit all hand sizes, there are 3 sizes S, M, L for you to choose according to your hand size. This type of glove possesses the characteristics of softness, good adhesion and good elasticity. There is a pattern in the palm of the hand, which helps to increase adhesion and anti-slip, so it feels comfortable for the skin of the hand when wearing. That is why medical latex gloves are used for surgery. This helps users be more skillful when wearing gloves, without feeling obstructed when using. For example, in dentistry, hospitals, beauty places will be more skillful when handling small objects. Medical gloves are commonly used

#5 Medical Gloves are widely used

Today, medical gloves are not only popular in hospital facilities, but they are also widely used in research institutes, laboratories, processing, food handling, hotel services, spas, etc. in tattoo art…