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Powder Free Latex Medical Latex Gloves


Latex Gloves gloves are 100% extracted from natural rubber.
Using this latex together with some heat-safe chemicals creates skin-safe latex gloves.
However, because the latex of the rubber tree contains an allergenic protein content, it is easy to cause allergies and irritation in cases of sensitive skin or skin that is allergic to proteins.
+ Research by Johns Hopkins Institute shows, the probability of an allergic reaction when using natural rubber gloves is up to 12.5%, of which only 2.5 % has allergic symptoms. 10% detects antibodies in the blood, which is mainly caused by the high content of allergenic proteins in natural rubber gloves.
+ Latex Gloves "Powder Free" means Gloves manufactured by technological process with Polymer or Chlorine coating on the entire surface.

The outstanding advantages of latex gloves:
1. High tear resistance, good adhesion: Latex gloves are natural gloves, so the adhesion is much better than nitrile gloves.
2. Hugging, comfortable to use: Good elasticity, suitable for many people with different hand sizes. Besides, it adheres and hugs tightly in the hand to create a comfortable feeling.
3. Sensitivity and accuracy when working: Latex gloves are like a second skin that helps protect the skin of hands, avoids the risk of infection at work, but also creates a real feeling when in contact. contact with objects, helping to increase work efficiency.
4. No bad smell: Latex mixed with anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-odor chemicals. This helps the glove not to hiss, no longer smell of rubber, bring a pleasant feeling, no unpleasant smell when used.
5. Biodegradability, environmentally friendly: Using completely from latex, it can be biodegraded very well, safe for the environment.
6. Reasonable price: The price of latex gloves is relatively cheap, suitable for many consumers.