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About VietTakara

VietTakara is a manufacturer of masks and equipment to produce masks with the best price and quality in Vietnam.


 Producing Masks On Demand

Producing Masks On Demand

  1. Are you a business and you need to order masks for your office staff?
  2. You are a private medical facility that needs to sew antibacterial masks for hospital staff.
  3. Are you a school and need to import masks in bulk to distribute to students preparing to go to school?
  4. Are you a commercial establishment? Are you in need of sources of antibacterial masks, 870 standard cloth masks, 3D Polly masks, good quality nonwoven masks to open a mask dealer?
  5. Are you a wholesaler? Are you looking for a source of cheap cloth masks to import and wholesale masks for other Online Shops, masks at wholesale prices?
  6. Are you the commercial establishments of the Vietnamese in Overseas? Are you looking for a source of high quality cloth masks to export to EU, US, Japan, ASEAN...? Looking for export fabric masks?
  7. Are you looking for a manufacturer, a mask processing factory in Vietnam to order tailor-made garments according to your requirements, print logos and slogans as required on masks?.
  8. Or are you just an individual who wants to order a small quantity of 50 masks for your family, friends and relatives to use? And you are looking for a cheap mask factory in Ho Chi Minh City to buy wholesale masks at factory price?

If you need to order cloth masks at the cloth mask factory in bulk, please contact our VietTakara mask factory for service. We are a manufacturer of cloth masks, sewing and processing masks at wholesale prices nationwide. There is a free sample of masks (depending on the type of fabric you need according to your needs)  help you rest assured about the quality of your order at VietTakara. 

Types of cloth masks VietTakara receive processing:

  1. Plain Cloth Mask, 2 Layers, 3 Layers…
  2. 3-Piece Cloth Face Mask With Filter Pouch (With Sewing Bag For Filter Use – PM 2.5 Filter Purchased Separately)
  3. Full Face Mask, Ninja Mask, Sun Mask, Full Face Mask.
  4. Logo Printed Masks On Demand In Bulk. 
  5. Eco Mask 3D . Breathing Valve (Facemask with Breathing Valve Made of Non-Woven Fabric – 100% Vietnamese Goods)
  6. Face Masks For The Hearing Impaired (100% made of non-woven fabric for drop resistance)
  7. Masks American Flag, German Flag, French Flag, EU Flag, Vietnamese Flag ..... (Sewing and printing masks according to the colors of the flags of the countries)
  8. Medical Mask 3 Layers Level 1 (ISO - CE - FDA standard) Medical Mask 4 Layers Level 1 (ISO - CE - FDA standard) Polly 3D Mask Cloth Mask. (Sewing Polly 2 Leather, Su fabric)
  9. Antibacterial Mask Mask (Sewing with Antibacterial Fabric & Viscose Fabric)
  10. Non Woven Fabric Mask 2 Layers. (Sewing with PP non-woven polypropylene fabric)
  11. 3 Layers Nonwoven Fabric Mask.(Sewing with PP non-woven polypropylene fabric)
  12. 3D Sewing 3D Non Woven Fabric Mask.(Sewing with PP non-woven polypropylene fabric)
  13. Waterproof Fabric Mask 870 (Also known as mask 870 – Sewing according to Decision 870 BYT 2020)
  14. Antibacterial Cloth Mask. (Sewing according to Decision 870/QD-BYT 2020 – Ministry of Health.)
  15. Reusable Antibacterial Cloth Mask.(Sewing according to Decision 870/QD-BYT 2020 – Ministry of Health.)
  16. High Quality Antibacterial Cloth Mask Sterile, Vacuum Packed. (Suitable according to Decision 870/QD-BYT 2020 – Ministry of Health. Having full conditions & papers for export.)