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Urgent materials for CNLD to implement "3 on the spot"

Urgent materials for CNLD to implement "3 on the spot"

Responding to the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, authorities and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City have been trying to arrange to stabilize production so as not to disrupt the production and supply chain. domestic and export.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, as of July 18, in the city, there were more than 500 businesses organizing their own activities to ensure safe conditions under "3 places" with nearly 80,000 employees.

In order to well meet the 3 on-site implementation, businesses order epidemic prevention materials such as:

1 Insulation sheet

With a compact and lightweight design, it is convenient to fold and put in a bag. Camping mats, office sleeping mats are convenient to carry when making mats.

Moisture-wicking pads are important when camping in the wild. They have the following three functions:

First, prevent insects. Because it is difficult to find a flat place when camping in the wild, you will find it very uncomfortable to sleep. If you use a moisture-proof pad, the situation will be much better.

Second, keep warm. Since the body is often in direct contact with the ground when camping in the wild (only the insulation effect of the bottom of the tent is minimal), if there is a moisture-proof mat between the body and the ground, the warming effect will be a lot.

Third, moisture-proof. When camping in the wild, the ground is often very wet at night. Since the moisture pad is not waterproof, it can act as a moisture barrier.

2 Blankets, pillows 

The selection of materials in the industrial park must ensure good requirements such as: compact, lightweight, easy to fold and waterproof