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About VietTakara

VietTakara is a manufacturer of masks and equipment to produce masks with the best price and quality in Vietnam.


Manufacturing medical masks as required

Producing a line of making medical masks with good prices and thoughtful warranty policy is also one of Viettakara’s goals. Aims to meet the diverse needs of customers, including customers with limited capital conditions to start a business and get rich with the mask industry. So specific quality, price and warranty will look like, please read the reference right below.

If you are worried about the quality when choosing to buy the machine, then come to Viettakara.com you can feel secure, because we are a reputable and reputable company. I offer usually new 90-99%. Ensure stable operation, smooth operation and yield about 140-160 pieces / minute. The percentage of defective products is very low, always below 2%. The preeminent features such as the optional printing axis according to the brand, producing a variety of masks from 1-5 layers and workers only need 1-2 people is also what you are assured when choosing our models.

Besides, the line is also designed quite small, suitable for installation in factories, factories. The size of the device is quite compact, respectively: 7.85 x 3.5 x 1.85m. In addition, the line is made from aluminum alloy to help prevent rust, improve longevity. The line uses 220V power 1phase with an electrical capacity of 11 KW handy.

In order to create favorable conditions for young customers to start up, we distribute the automatic mask making line at a cheaper price, only about half of the new machine. Besides, we also have many preferential policies on prices for customers to buy more types of raw materials to produce masks. Machine warranty attentive, professional and dedicated.

In parallel with the supply of quality assurance machines at good prices when buying medical mask production lines, you are assured of machine warranty. Specifically, the machine will be thoughtful warranty, specific warranty period will depend on the model, … This will be discussed in detail, details when you buy the machine.

Besides, when buying a machine at our company, you will be assured that our technical staff will be highly qualified, experienced and provide technical support quickly and professionally when needed. Replacement of genuine spare parts, installation support, operating instructions is also what customers can feel secure when choosing our services.

Above is some information about the service of liquidation of the medical mask making line at VietTakara, hope that you feel satisfied and soon contact us for the best advice and support. . Also we will design mask as required.