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- Goods at VIETTAKARA are always guaranteed for quality, so you feel secure when buying goods at VIETTAKARA.
- Exterior products and photos are the same. The products are clearly specified parameters of material, size, color. If the information is not correct you can return the goods and receive money back.
- You can refer to the real image of customers using products and comments at fanpage: fb.me/VietTakaraCom

- VIETTAKARA always offers many reasonable promotions for loyal customers and we only sell products at the right price list. You can refer to the price list for each target group here:

- Retail purchase: 0896.678.810
- Wholesale purchases: 0988.365.130

- In addition, as a manufacturer, we can produce according to the quality or price requirements you give, only from 1,000 products ordered separately.

- All goods on the website are available, if the number of purchases increases sharply we will produce quickly to serve you, the average production time of the sample in just 1-2 days depending on the quantity of your needs.

VietTakara has fast delivery policy 60p in HCM, HN: ahamove, grab. COD is less than VND 2,000,000.
Very cheap shipping fee from only 20,000 VND. Free ship HCM for orders worth VND 1,000,000 or more.

1. Directly to the company to buy goods:

We are very pleased and encourage you to come directly to see the goods.

2. Order through e-commerce websites in Vietnam

3. Order via this website or by phone:
- Retail purchase: 0896.678.810
- Wholesale purchases: 0988.365.130



Content of transfer please write your phone number so we can contact you again.


When you are abroad, you have 2 ways to buy goods:

1. Ask your friend to buy goods directly at 2 addresses, for your convenience, please call us 

2. Door to Door delivery in 3-7 days worldwide, 100% prepayment and delivery charge are required.

2.1 Accounts that can receive our foreign money:


2.2 OFFICIAL support channel

2.3 TIMELINE support channel:
VietTakara is developing support channels in many different languages, initially we will have many errors, hope you understand.

We are also looking for collaborators and agents all over the country, looking forward to working with you.

*** If you are not satisfied with the transaction, we have a free sample policy for you, you just need to pay the DHL shipping fee here: (Google sheet price list)
(Asia from 10 usd, America from 20 usd, ..)

*** You can also refer to our customer reviews here: fb.me/VietTakaraCom

VIETTAKARA is pleased to welcome you to trust and accompany us, you can refer to the price list for importing quantity goods via the mail: info@viettakara.com