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VietTakara is a manufacturer of masks and equipment to produce masks with the best price and quality in Vietnam.


Repair and Maintenance Medical Mask Machine Service

With years of experience in the industry, Viettakara is confident to be one of the units that provide quality mask machine repair service in our country. The company has been absorbing reviews and suggestions from customers to give the best service. Please refer to more about these services of us

How does the mask production line work?

The mask production line is made up of many different machines and components. Each stage will have many types of machines with separate functions. First, the mask layers will be fitted to the large rotating shafts on the mask making machine and arranged in order on a dedicated conveyor belt.

The layers of cloth material used to make masks will be passed through a section to help folds the masks. Also at this stage, a sewing machine will put a small metal wall on the top of the mask horizontally and sewn the edges on both sides horizontally. This small piece of metal works to keep the edge of the mask close to the bridge of the nose. Prevent microorganisms, dirt from outside from entering.

After the creasing and attachment of the metal rod are finished, the strip of material is pushed through a cutter. The machine will cut the material into small masks according to the size already installed in the machine. The masks are then pushed onto a conveyor belt and sent to sewing machines.

Masks after being chopped will be put on edge sewing machines (stamping) to conduct stitching and sewing. The strap on both sides is made of elastic material to suit every face. And the last step is to arrange the number of masks specified in the plastic packaging and then put into paper boxes.

Line repair unit, prestigious mask manufacturer

In the process of producing masks, the damage to machinery, components, accessories is inevitable. Especially for the long-lasting production lines of masks. Large-scale mask factories may have machinery inspection and repair personnel.

However, the small and medium-sized mask manufacturers often do not have repair teams. So if the production line or mask is damaged, what should we do? Is there a unit specialized in repairing and manufacturing facemasks?

Currently, Viettakara Company has launched repair service and maintenance of production lines, masks and machines for quality assurance at extremely reasonable prices. Customers can be assured when choosing Viettakara company as a reliable address. With a staff of enthusiastic, professional, experienced in the profession will surely bring the perfect service.

Service of repairing production lines, mask production machines at Viettakara

Viettakara Company has launched many repair and maintenance services of different production lines and masks. Fully meet the repairing needs of small and medium mask production units nationwide. Here are some typical services that customers can refer to:

Service of repairing lines, masks for manufacturing machines

Viettakara with a professional staff, trained will be able to handle all technical issues, machines. The unit will send employees to the production facility for inspection and quick repair.

Once the cause of the failure has been identified, the employee will notify the customer. Also, suggest ways to overcome for customers to refer. If agreed to repair, the unit will immediately handle the request.

The company also owns many well-trained employees directly from foreign experts. Therefore almost no problem is not solved. You can be assured of the service of repairing masks for Viettakara units.

Replace masking machine accessories

Viettakara Company has a full range of machine accessories for mask production such as relays, circuit breakers, facemask conveyors, edge-to-edge knives, magnetic boots, etc. All accessories are imported from abroad, with origin. Clearly so you can be assured. If, during the inspection of the mask production line, the employee discovers that the accessory is damaged, it will be reported to the facility immediately.

Replace parts of a mask machine

Not only providing accessories, Viettakara company also provides many different parts for mask machine. For example: edge welding, ultrasonic barrel, rubber welding head, … The components are genuine, 100% new commitment and clear identification. Ensure standards of quality and durability.

The price of Viettakara mask repair machine service

As a unit with many years of experience in the profession, not to mention Viettakara is also a major mask manufacturer in our country. As a result, repairing machines and masks also becomes a professional area of the company. Most customers feel satisfied after using the services at the company.

The repair services at Viettakara Company are of high quality, the price is very affordable that not all units can meet. The company has human resources in many facilities across the country, so will save travel costs, transportation costs, ….

Types of machines, accessories, masks and accessories are also available at the company. These components and accessories are imported from the factory so the price is almost equal to the original price. These factors will not only shorten repair time but also help customers save a huge repair cost.

Where will the repair service cost depend on a lot of factors such as broken machines, lines? Have there been any replacement parts or accessories? After the employee finds out why the machine is broken, a detailed quotation will be sent to the customer for review. If agreed, the company will carry out repairs and replacement parts / accessories quickly.

Warranty policies for repairing facemasks machine in Viettakara

It is not natural that Viettakara Company has become a mask repairing machine manufacturer trusted and selected by many customers. Good quality service, reasonable price but the warranty policy is extremely preferential and clear. If during the warranty period, the machine still has a fault in the repaired part, the customer can call the hotline directly for advice and resolution.

The company will send employees to the place to check and repair in accordance with the warranty policy without charge. Although up to now, no manufacturing facility has resorted to this warranty. However, Viettakara will still disseminate the warranty program and incentives for specific customers, details in the consultation process for customers to learn more.

Instructions for registering to repair the production line of masks at Viettakara

Viettakara Company always wants to support the best and the best for customers, so that the unit will not only focus on quality, price but also has the advantage of being extremely fast. Quickly from the service registration stage to the repair process. You can contact Viettakara company by the following methods:

  • Come directly to the company in Ho Chi Minh City to be consulted directly.
  • Call the hotline right away or contact the official website with the address for advice and guidance on specific use of the service here.

After receiving the situation that the manufacturing facility of the mask is facing, the company will mobilize its staff to take place for inspection and repair. After the repair is completed, the customer can pay to the staff or by bank transfer. Staff will also advise the establishment specifically on how to properly clean and maintain machinery.

In order to produce masks of quality standards, the maintenance and repair of production lines and machines is extremely necessary. The article has suggested that the company repairs the production line of quality masks, the price is very affordable. What are you waiting for without contacting immediately for support and advice as quickly as possible.