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VietTakara is a manufacturer of masks and equipment to produce masks with the best price and quality in Vietnam.


 Ship To Other Countries

Ship To Other Countries

This time the epidemic is under stress, the world needs a huge mask. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has joined in, actively promoting the connection of Vietnamese enterprises with foreign partners. Vietnamese businesses in foreign countries continuously send information about partners’ offers. Thereby helping Vietnamese businesses can contact, produce and exchange goods.

Recently, the Government issued Resolution 60 / NQ-CP on the export of medical masks in the stage of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said, with the permission to export medical masks without quotas, the resolution has opened the door for textile enterprises to take advantage of Meeting in this difficult time.

VietTakara has many years of experience in goods transfer services to foreign countries. VietTakara can assist customers with international customs procedures, especially in European, American, Japanese, Korean, Australian markets…. Consistent advice 24/24 during the journey of sending goods from Vietnam to abroad. Logistics, Logistics & international transportation by air and sea, warehousing services, cheap express delivery, packaging of import and export goods …

Customers must be aware of the calculated weight calculated on the principle of comparison between the actual weight of the goods (gross weight) and the volume of goods (volumetric weight) according to the formula of length * width * height ( cm) / 5000 units larger will be applied as the basis for calculating freight.

VietTakara’s provision of international freight services complies with the laws of Vietnam, Vietnam’s Postal Law and international practices, VietTakara does not accept international transportation of goods and goods which is prohibited by the government from circulation, by business or from goods that the State prohibits import and export.

We always follow the journey of each shipment and notify directly the delivery time to customers. We have many cheap international express delivery services to deliver goods to our customers in the shortest time, supporting the highest service for the import and export procedures, advice on shipping procedures. goods, procedures for temporary import for re-export with goods sent for repair and complicated items requiring multiple papers. …

VIETTAKARA helps customers with good prices, services as well as absolute safety during delivery. We provide the following main services for you to choose in accordance with the requirements:

– Express delivery speed.

– Courier of the day.

– Express delivery timer.

– Packing and preserving goods.

– Commercial packaging.

– Insurance of import and export goods

– Receive import and export customs procedures.

– Packing the goods carefully, ensuring safety.

– Transporting goods by sea, rail and road.

Home delivery

– Customs clearance quickly.

– Notify customers when goods arrive and arrive at the recipient.

– Take goods on-site, deliver goods on the spot and have papers, evidence that is transparent and transparent. – Invoice clearly and transparently with specific time and date of receipt.

– Take goods on-site, deliver goods on the spot and have papers, clear and transparent evidence.

– Always present when customers need.

SEND TO AMERICAN AIRWAY With the advantage of fast shipping time from 2-3 days. The procedure is simple, easy and fast. Suitable for individuals and businesses.

SEND TO US BY SEA SEA Maximum savings on freight, for businesses with heavy items, large quantities. Shipping time is from 15-30 days.